My birthday falls on Father’s Day
As it does every year or so
That used to bug me as a kid
But I never let anyone know

Seeing that I have two kids now
And how quickly the years go
I focus on the father part
Cuz fast they sure do grow

I see my innocence in their eyes
The simplicity of life
And tell myself to slow it down
And always kiss the wife

For one day the kids will all be grown
With their own firm hopes and thoughts
And I’ll try so hard to remember
All that I forgot:

The little moments wrestling
Or scraping dried food from cheeks
Little toots that make us laugh
Giving them away at hide-n-seek

Spontaneous hugs and I love you’s
And questions about everything
Trying so hard to learn the words
To that song they like to sing

Amazed by every rock and leaf
Desperately wanting to learn
Splashing too much in the bath
I laugh too hard to be stern

Keeping tabs on my blessings
Balancing play and work
And always in the mirror
Seeing ever-aging Kirk

So as these times pass before me
And another year floats away
This weekend I’ll be thankful for
Another Father’s Day.

©2012-2018 Kirk Weston Jackson